Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Choose the best answer

1. _____________ I have to sleep with my bedroom window open because our air conditioner doesn't work very well.

a. Never mind
b. Get along with
c. morte often than not

2. He _____________his step-brother.

a. has a point
b. gets along well with
c. turns out

3. I ______________music, especially dance music.

a. get along with
b. take a look at
c. am crazy about

4. We did a lot. Let's ___________ and get some rest.

a. call it a day
b. never mind
c. turn up

5. It's lunchtime. Let's __________ this meeting and go out to eat.

a. concentrate on
b. have a point
c. wrap up

6. My father wants to have someone ________________ our car engine.

a. get along with
b. take a look at
c. wrap up

7. She was too tired to ____________ her reading, so she went to bed.

a. concentrate on
b. have a point
c. turn out

8. Things will _____________well in the end . You just have to be patient.

a. take a look at
b. turn out
c. call it a day

9. She said that a good education begins at home. She ______________.

a. concentrated on
b. gets along with
c. has a point

10.Can you help me with this? _______________. I see you are busy.

a. Take a look
b. Never mind
c. Wrap up

Fill in the blanks

never mind                                         am not crazy about                                            got along with
have a point                                        take a look at                                                     turn out

At a coffe shopp:

Alice: How did your date last night ___________________?

Carol: It was O.K.  We _______________ each other, but I didn't  feel any attraction for him.

Alice: What do you mean?

Carol: He was a nice guy, but not my type. I __________________a man who spends his whole day              with a computer. I prefer someone who is more of a "peolple person"

Alice: Computer programmers make a lot of money, Carol.

Carol: You________________ , Alice. Actually, he does work for a very large company.

Alice: Is he handsome?

Carol: We took a picture together  at one of those funny photo booths. Here, ________________ him            for yourself.

Alice: That's him? Oh, _______________, Carol. You can do better than that!

Fill in the blanks

Read the following story.

I usually ___________________ everyone at my office. Recently however, the woman who sits         across from me bought a new cell phone. She __________________it. ___________________, she was chatting with her friends. It was very difficult to _______________
_______ work. One afternoon, well all decided to ____________________ and go out for dinner. However, we made the woman promise not to bring her cell phone into the restaurant.
"Do you think you'll survive without it? " I joked to her.
"No problem," she said.
The evening was fun but it was getting late so we __________________ dinner and left the restaurant. I was the last to leave and just as I was getting into my car, a waiter came running up to me.
"I found this purse at your table!" he said. I __________________ ."That's my co-worker's purse," I said.
"Why don't you call and leave a message on her ansdwering machine," the waiter suggested. " You can use the phone in the restaurant."
We went inside. I was about to dial her home number I had an idea. "___________________leaving a message on her machine. I'll call her cellular phone. That way, she can drive back before she gets all the way home."
"You __________________!" the  waiter said.
When I called her cellular phone, a ringing noise came from her purse. It ________________ that her phone was in her purse the whole time!

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