Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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Choose the best answer
1. ____________, the university has a very good library and computer center.
a. Come across
b. In retrospect
c. On the whole

2. At first, the band ___________ a keyboard player, a guitarist, and a singer, but they added a drummer and bassist later.
a. was composed of
b. dressed up
c.  waited on

3. He could see __________ that  he should never have told her about his family.
a. be composed of
b. fill out
c. in retrospect

4. Here is the menu. Someone will be here to ___________ you in a few minutes.
a. come across
b. set out
c. wait on

5. I planned to do my homework after the movie last night, but I ___________when I got home.
a. cleaned off
b. fell asleep
c. set out

6. Let’s __________ for our anniversary and go to an expensive restaurant.
a. clean off
b. dress up
c. fill out

7. Please __________ the table because it is almost time to eat dinner.
a. clean off
b. fill out
c. set out

8. She __________ the registration form and gave it to the secretary.
a. filled out
b. on the whole
c. waited on

9. Where did you ___________ this interesting painting?
a. be composed of
b. come across
c. fall asleep

10. We ___________ for my parent’s house very early, but didn’t arrive until after midnight.
a. dressed up
b. fell asleep
c. set out

Fill in the blanks

is composed of                     clean off                       came across
dress up                              on the whole                 wait on

At a fancy restaurant:

Lucy: Will Arthur __________ us this evening? He’s my favorite waiter here.

Sam: I requested him, so he should be our waiter.

Lucy: Oh my! They didn’t __________ this table very well. There is a sticky                spot here.

Sam: Don’t touch it. I’ll call someone over to clean it. Excuse me!

Waiter: Yes, sir?

Sam: My wife __________ a sticky spot on the table. Can you find someone to            clean it up for us?

Waiter: Right away.

Lucy: The staff  here __________ such professionals. They are all so polite
          and  efficient.

Sam: Yes, __________, this is really a first – class restaurant . It is a little
         expensive, but worth it.

Lucy: Look at that man over there! He didn’t  ___________ at all. He is not
         wearing a tie or a jacket.

Sam: That’s Mel Gibson!

Read the following story

 1. I go to college in Boston, but my parents now live in Florida. During the summer vacation, I went to visit them. I _________ from down-town Boston by bus on Tuesday afternoon. Thursday night, I got off the bus in Florida. I had a lot of trouble ____________ on the bus, so I was exhausted by the time I arrived at my parent’s house. __________, I probably should have just taken a plane to Florida.

2. After I was In Florida for a few days, I was well rested again. However, I soon got bored. My friends were all in Boston. I decided to get a job. I __________ an advertisement for a job at a local restaurant. I ________ an application and got hired right away.

3. On the first day of work, I got up early and got ready. I didn’t have to _________ for work, but I did have to wear a uniform. The restaurant made everyone wear a formal white shirt and black shorts. The staff _________ high school and college students.

4. At first, there were no customers, but around noon, the restaurant got crowded. I __________ customers and helped _________ tables. _________, it was pretty easy work. It wasn’t too busy but it wasn’t too slow either.

5. As the lunch crowd started to leave, I stopped at a table where an old man and an old woman were sitting. As I was picking up their empty plates, the old man asked me, “Are you from the north?”

6. I said, “Yes, sir. I’m from Boston. I guess you could tell right away I was from the north, because of the way I speak.” “Oh no,” the old woman said. “We have never seen legs as white as yours before.”

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