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Choose the best answer

1. After a short coffee break we _______________ with the meeting.

a. carried on
b. fixed up
c. pilled over

2. I hate to _______________ this subject now, but do you have the money you owe me?

a. being up
b. carry on
c. get lost

3. If you are tired, ______________take a nap on my bed.

a. by chance
b.high time
c. by all means

4. My uncle is generous, but he ______________ lending money to relatives.

a. by all means
b. draws the line at
c. high time

5. She can be very scary when she _________________.

a. gets lost
b. carries on
c. loses her temper

6. _______________, I found ten dollars under the table at the restaurant.

a. Draw the line at
b. By chance
c. High time

7. The bus driver _________________ because one of the passengers got sick.

a. pulled over
b. fixed up
c. got lost

8. They wanted to ____________ the old apartment, but they did not have enough money.

a. lose his temper
b. fix up
c. carry on

9. We _______________ in London and drove around for hours in the fog.

a. fixed up
b. brough up
c. got lost

10. He was surprised when his boss told him, " I think it's ________________ you got a raise."

a. high time
b. draw the line at
c. by chance

Fill in the blanks

On the highway:

Tom:           Yes, Officer?

Policeman: I asked you to ________________ because your brake light is broken.

                   May I see your license and car registration?

Tom:          _________________! Here they are.

Policeman: Well, I think it's ________________ you had that fixed. It's not safe to drive around with    
                    a broken brake light.

Tom:           Yes, sir.

Policeman: I won't give you a ticket this time. get that light fixed.

Tom:          I will, Officer. Um, I wonder if you could help. I met my friend _________________ at                    
                  the post office this morning and we planned to meet at Le Chez for lunch. I thought it was                
                  on Lexington Street, but I took a wrong turn and __________________.

Policeman: At the next stoplight, turn left,  Lexington will be the third street on the right.

Tom:          Thank you officer! ______________________ the good work you are doing !!

Fill in the blanks

Read the following story.

Everybody knows that men hate to stop  and ask for directions. My husband is not different. Every 

time we __________________, we drive around for hours before he finally __________________

and asks for help .

One Saturday we saw an ad in the newspaper for a country dance and picnic at a farm outside of 


 We __________________ our old cowboy hats, cut out the map from the newspaper and started

 driving. After a few hours, I  _____________________ the fact that we were lost. Of course  my 

husband ___________________ when  I suggested we ask someone for directions.

" I can find it!" he yelled.

I didn't see any point in fighting  about it , so I just told him, "___________________."

After another hour of driving , I decided it was ______________________ to ask for help .

________________________ we passed a little  gas station with an old man sitting out by the pumps.

 My husband agreed to stop because  we needed gas, but he _____________________ asking for 

directions. I got  out  of the car and walked over to the old man. Before  I asked him anything he

 smiled and said,  "The map is wrong . It's Highway 23, not 32."

" How did you know ?" I asked in surprise .

" You're the fifth woman whose husband  has gotten lost in the last hour!"

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Choose the best answer

1. _____________ I have to sleep with my bedroom window open because our air conditioner doesn't work very well.

a. Never mind
b. Get along with
c. morte often than not

2. He _____________his step-brother.

a. has a point
b. gets along well with
c. turns out

3. I ______________music, especially dance music.

a. get along with
b. take a look at
c. am crazy about

4. We did a lot. Let's ___________ and get some rest.

a. call it a day
b. never mind
c. turn up

5. It's lunchtime. Let's __________ this meeting and go out to eat.

a. concentrate on
b. have a point
c. wrap up

6. My father wants to have someone ________________ our car engine.

a. get along with
b. take a look at
c. wrap up

7. She was too tired to ____________ her reading, so she went to bed.

a. concentrate on
b. have a point
c. turn out

8. Things will _____________well in the end . You just have to be patient.

a. take a look at
b. turn out
c. call it a day

9. She said that a good education begins at home. She ______________.

a. concentrated on
b. gets along with
c. has a point

10.Can you help me with this? _______________. I see you are busy.

a. Take a look
b. Never mind
c. Wrap up

Fill in the blanks

never mind                                         am not crazy about                                            got along with
have a point                                        take a look at                                                     turn out

At a coffe shopp:

Alice: How did your date last night ___________________?

Carol: It was O.K.  We _______________ each other, but I didn't  feel any attraction for him.

Alice: What do you mean?

Carol: He was a nice guy, but not my type. I __________________a man who spends his whole day              with a computer. I prefer someone who is more of a "peolple person"

Alice: Computer programmers make a lot of money, Carol.

Carol: You________________ , Alice. Actually, he does work for a very large company.

Alice: Is he handsome?

Carol: We took a picture together  at one of those funny photo booths. Here, ________________ him            for yourself.

Alice: That's him? Oh, _______________, Carol. You can do better than that!

Fill in the blanks

Read the following story.

I usually ___________________ everyone at my office. Recently however, the woman who sits         across from me bought a new cell phone. She __________________it. ___________________, she was chatting with her friends. It was very difficult to _______________
_______ work. One afternoon, well all decided to ____________________ and go out for dinner. However, we made the woman promise not to bring her cell phone into the restaurant.
"Do you think you'll survive without it? " I joked to her.
"No problem," she said.
The evening was fun but it was getting late so we __________________ dinner and left the restaurant. I was the last to leave and just as I was getting into my car, a waiter came running up to me.
"I found this purse at your table!" he said. I __________________ ."That's my co-worker's purse," I said.
"Why don't you call and leave a message on her ansdwering machine," the waiter suggested. " You can use the phone in the restaurant."
We went inside. I was about to dial her home number I had an idea. "___________________leaving a message on her machine. I'll call her cellular phone. That way, she can drive back before she gets all the way home."
"You __________________!" the  waiter said.
When I called her cellular phone, a ringing noise came from her purse. It ________________ that her phone was in her purse the whole time!