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Go to the link below, read the story, then write some questions about it.

Keep in mind:

  1. what..
  1. where..
  1. when...
  1. how many...
  1. how far...
  1. how long...  

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  1. What is the first sea animal in this story?
  2. what is the name of the second sea animal?
  3. Mention its parts.
  4. And, what is the name of the third animal? Do you remember its body parts? Mention them.
  5. How many pinguins are there on page 7 and 8? 34 or 33 or 32?
  6. How are the pinguins on page 9 and 10? What are they doing?
  7. How many babies are there on page 15?
  8. How can you identify mother and father from the baby penguin?
  9. How does the baby pinguin look like?
  10. Where do mother and father pinguin go on page 26?

Image result for storyImage result for wolvesWOLVES' LIFE

Here some questions about the second story:
  1. What is the name of the two animals on page 3?
  2. And, on page 4, what is the name of those animals? and the baby, how do you call it?
  3. What are they doin?
  4. On page 5, you can see a big bear and its baby. Do you remember what is the name of the baby?
  5. What are they doing? What are they eating? 
  6. On page 6, you can see two...
  7. What are they doing? by the way, where do they live?
  8. How many wolves are there on page 10?
  9. On page 12, you can see mother and babies. What is the name for baby wolf? How many  of them do you see?
  10. Describe the three wolves on pages 17 and 18. Use their body parts to describe them.
  11. On page 21 and 22, why does the father wolf chase the puma?
Check the animal and it baby. Ask your tutor if you do not remember.
Then click on the link to revew vocabulary.

Now, observe the image below, try to find the differences between the elephant vs the hippo. Write them down on your notebook.

Image result for comparative adjective for animals

If you compare, you need the following Image result for ruleImage result for so what's next
Observe the circles carefully, take some notes about the animals, then write sentences on your notebook to compare the animals. 
- Cats are easier to take care than dogs because they don't need to be taken out.

Use what you have learn to create a Venn Diagram where you compare the animals in the story "Wolves life"

Now, use PIMPAMPUM BOOK to create a book and compare the animals you found in the story.

Image result for storyGROWING PUMPKINSImage result for cropping pumpkinsImage result for questions

  1. What is the vegetable on page 1 and 2?
  2. What does the boy have on his left hand, page 3?
  3. Where does the boy plant the pumpkin seeds?    
  4. On page 7, what does the boy do? 
  5. Then, page 8, what is it into the bag? What is it for?
  6. On page 9, you can see: a) a sprout, b) a stalk, c) a root
  7. On page 10, the little yellow flower is a:  a) a sprout,  b) a stalk,    c) a root
  8. Answer the questions on page 11.  Maybe these words can help you: pollinate; bee, buzz.
  9. On page 13, what do you think is the little green ball?
  10. On page 15 and 16, Where is the boy? what does he do? Would you like to do so?
  11. Look carefully on page 17, Do you remember the name of this festivity? When is it? What do you usually do on this day?

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Well, let's watch a short video, for sure you will have fun.
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Image result for storyImage result for a house in a treeA HOUSE IN A TREE

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